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The Impermanence of Culture: Russian Potatoes, Malawian Maize, Italian Tomatoes

This fascinating piece from the Smithsonian Magazine discusses the re-discovery after 40 years of a family that had lived in total isolation in Siberia, having fled the anti-religious Bolsheviks. There’s much to love about this crazy story, which has shades … Continue reading

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Things Malawi does Better than the US: Gender-neutral Language

I’ve spent the past few weeks engaged in the delightful task of data cleaning, which means poring over the thousands of data points my staff collected to spot potential problems. Obsessively browsing my data for errors has reminded me of … Continue reading

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It’s time to get serious about entitlement reform

The solution to America’s burgeoning entitlement crisis is not benefit cuts, nor abolishing social welfare programs, but immigration. It is time for politicians to be bold and take a stand on this. Like many fiscally-conservative outlets, the Economist has not … Continue reading

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Can the UNODC’s Murder Statistics be Trusted?

My parents came to visit me in Malawi back in December, and this did wonders for my mom’s level of concern about my welfare. She was able to see that Malawi at least looks relatively safe. We got to discussing … Continue reading

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Will cash transfers be better than subsidies for India’s poor?

Adam Schwartz passes along this article stating that India is going ahead with plans to convert its myriad subsidies for the poor into a single cash distribution scheme tied to its biometric identity card system. My knee-jerk response is that … Continue reading

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