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The world’s biggest regression discontinuity design?

The public school systems in both Malawi and Uganda (the two countries where I recently spent time doing fieldwork) revolve around a set of massively-important exams that determine whether you get to move on from one level of education to … Continue reading

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The drama of driving on terrible roads

Aine McCarthy has a beautifully-written tale of trying to free her car from a river in Tanzania, as a storm moves in: So, we get out of the truck and start to push. This includes me, Loi (field assistant, driver, … Continue reading

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Advances in internet scamming

It used to be that if you ran an internet scam, the game was to lure people in with the possibility of gaining a small fortune. Now scammers are appealing to our moral compasses to make money. Case in point: … Continue reading

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Do field experiments put the method before the question?

Chris Blattman has another post – his most pointed and strongest yet – telling people to get out of field experiments because the market is crowded: Most field experiments have the hallmarks of a bad field research project. There are four: Takes … Continue reading

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Freakonomics Radio’s Clever Bullshit

I listen to the Freakonomics Radio podcast every week, out of a vague sense of wanting to be on top of how applied microeconomics is seen in the media, and, more important, because I need something to distract my brain … Continue reading

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