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A simple observation about inflation and exchange rates in Malawi

Shortly after taking office last year, President Joyce Banda gave up on the Malawian Kwacha’s fixed peg against the dollar. Since then the exchange rate has evidently been some kind of managed float, meaning the rates are set in international … Continue reading

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How to pronounce “Stata”

From the Statalist FAQ (emphasis mine): 4.1 What is the correct way to pronounce ‘Stata’? Stata is an invented word. Some pronounce it with a long a as in day (Stay-ta); some pronounce it with a short a as in flat … Continue reading

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An important negative result: teaching people about financial aid doesn’t raise college attendance

As an economist and also somebody who loves facts, I never stop beating the drum of sticker prices vs. purchase prices in higher education. Long story short, the dizzying rise in sticker prices (the headline numbers decried by the news … Continue reading

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More on airline ticket pricing, now with (a tiny bit of) actual data

Joe Golden shared this Atlantic piece on the evolution of airfares, and the way airfare is priced now. It reaches the same conclusion I have: airline tickets are a very strange market, characterized by many constraints, limited competition between sellers, … Continue reading

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Dubious claims about the economics of airline ticket pricing

A friend recently sent me the following Actual Advice Mallard, containing a strategy for buying airline tickets that is the hot new thing on the interwebs: A link from Chris Blattman’s blog indicates that the source of this claim is … Continue reading

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