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Are GMOs per se unethical? I doubt it

I had an interesting conversation at a barbeque last weekend at which a lot of the attendees were in Michigan’s SNRE program (“snerds”, in the campus lingo), and we got into talking about GMO foods. Snerds mostly dislike GMOs, whereas … Continue reading

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How to stop eating away at your health capital when you’re busy (or abroad)

Economists like to frame everything in terms of economics. One fairly hot topic these days is “health capital”, a stock into which we invest (by avoiding disease, eating well, exercising, and so forth) and which later pays a return (more … Continue reading

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Should we keep providing foreign aid through governments?

The default process for providing foreign aid is to direct the money through country governments. I’ve long had my doubts about doing things this way: most of the problems that people like Bill Easterly and Dambisa Moyo attribute to aid … Continue reading

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Choosing the facts you want to hear

Michael Shermer wrote a piece for Scientific American about the broad statistics on gun violence, and how they shaped his decision to give up his personal firearm. The top comment by Jim Pennington is indicative of an awful pattern in modern American … Continue reading

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