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The only thing I know about Africa is it’s far

About halfway through my current 48-hour-long (!) voyage to Mulanje District in Southern Malawi, I am reminded of Chris Rock’s classic rant about how little he was taught about Africa in school, and how goddamned far away it is. The … Continue reading

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Alice Walton demonstrates how you should report on the crappy public health story of the week

Sue Dynarski links to a typically awful news article on a correlational public health study, along the lines of the “chocolate prevents cancer!” garbage that inspired this blog’s name. This one is about a claimed link between coffee and early … Continue reading

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Why do so many more people do research in Malawi than in Haiti?

Eric Chyn passes along this Marginal Revolution post in which Tyler Cowen asks “to what extent is the choice of venue for study due to what I will call ‘social science infrastructure’?” By “social science infrastructure” Cowen means having a … Continue reading

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