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The difference between statistics and econometrics, in one graph

Planet Money recently ran an excellent story on the relationship between your college major and your eventual earnings. This is an important and generally under-appreciated aspect of the college decision. Broadly speaking, earnings are more strongly correlated with major than … Continue reading

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The Prevalence and Correlates of Oral Sex in Malawi

The latest paper from our ongoing project on the potential of oral sex as a safer sex strategy in sub-Saharan African has been accepted for publication at the International Journal of Sexual Health. This paper, which I coauthored with Sallie … Continue reading

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This is the greatest spam in history

Last week I received the most impressive spam I have ever seen. Here is the text, with identifying characteristics redacted: Subject: GLOBAL WARMING From: CLIMATE CHANGE AWARENESS Attn: Sir/Madam, View attached letter and contact Prof. XXXXXX Thanks, Ms. XXXXXXX Attached … Continue reading

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The world’s most confusing lottery description

My mother passed on this excellent piece from The Week that discusses the psychology of lotteries. It’s well worth reading – it covers all of the ways that lotteries exploit our mental and emotional weaknesses. But the lead paragraph has … Continue reading

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