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Let’s stop insinuating that just because people are poor, they are stupid. That’s nonsense.

A recent BBC piece reports on sex workers in Kenya using post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP)* as a substitute for condoms, cycling through different clinics to use the drugs on a regular basis. This lets them earn a premium for unprotected sex … Continue reading

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Programs that raise test scores also do objective good

Economists like to use improvements in standardized tests as a measure of how well education programs are working. This commonly leads to dissent on the grounds that standardized tests don’t really measure anything of value. My go-to response to that … Continue reading

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“Don’t just give us cash”

While I have been bogged down in the insanity of the middle of the academic semester, reports have kept coming out about the staggering success of unconditional cash transfer programs in Africa. For those of you playing along at home, … Continue reading

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